How to use the CPU solution

User guide to understand how the software is used

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The purpose of the Container Pick-Up web-based solution is to support the stakeholders of the Thessaloniki Port Authority (ThPA) ecosystem (shipping agents, trucking/hauling companies and the port authority) in better organising and managing the pickup of containers from the port’s premises. The stakeholders can perform the lifecycle management of both COREOR Requests and Booking Requests, which is grounded in immutable, transparent and secure blockchain technology. The dashboard view is role-based and depends on the user role (the user must be an organization administrator) and the user organization’s role (Port Authority, Shipping Agent, Trucking Company).

The application users can, in general and depending on their role, create and view COREOR requests, create and view booking requests, and perform complex queries on those entities, e.g. view all COREOR requests from a specific shipping agent, or booking requests from a specific trucking company, or all COREOR requests targeting a specific trucking company etc. All information is stored on the blockchain, which serves as the single source of truth (SSOT).

Description of Use

The CPU solution is a web application. Each user must have an account created for them by an administrator; either their organisation’s administrator, or the network administrator, if the user in question is an organisation’s initial administrator. Once logged in, the user can choose an option from the left-hand side menu.

Port Authority Shipping Agent Trucking Company

The main menu entries for the CPU use case are:

  • COREOR Requests: available to both port authority and shipping agent admins, allows the user to see a list of COREOR requests created by their organisation (for shipping agent admins), or addressed to their organisation (for port authority admins). The list shows the COREOR statuses.
  • Bookings: available to shipping agent, port authority and trucking company admins. For shipping agents, it allows the user to see a list of booking requests created for COREORs issued for their organisation. For trucking companies, it allows their users to see a list of bookings created by users of their company. Port authority users see all bookings referring to their port. The list shows the booking statuses.

Creating new COREOR and booking requests

A COREOR request can only be created by a shipping agent administator. It is a two-step process, depicted in the following screenshots, where all the relevant fields can be seen:

Creating a new booking request is done only through the ThPA port’s systems. The CPU backend is informed, through its API, of all new bookings and keeps this information in the blockchain.

For a full example of Use demonstration see the section “5.9 Demo” of the deliverable [D4.2 Blockchain based data governance rules M20]


  • Vasilis Siopidis - - Blockchain network setup, blockchain client development, chaincode development
  • Konstantinos Glykos - - Web and dashboard development
  • Alexandros Zerzelidis - - Technical project management, blockchain client development, chaincode development

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