Data Governance

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Data governance, as a concept, is a mechanism that enables the enforcement of access rules to business data assets in a transparent, verifiable and non-repudiable way, making it a necessary component in any scenario where sharing of data assets is necessary amongst potentially distrustful entities.

The Data Governance (DG) component in DataPorts is our implementation of the data governance concept and aims at providing a comprehensive framework, through which data ownership and data distribution policies become an integral part of the entire DataPorts platform. It increases the consistency of and confidence in the registered data, all the while ensuring data sovereignty. It is based on blockchain technology, via the use of Hyperledger Fabric.

The main function of the component is to support off-chain data exchange between participants (meaning data remains on owner’s premises). To achive this, data governance rules are established by running trusted code on the blockchain network nodes, known as smart contracts (or as chaincodes in Fabric), to manage access rights to datasets. Tamper-proof evidence of transactions (e.g. data published, or shared) is also stored on-chain.


Through Data Governance, we can:

  • register new organisations to play the role of providers/consumers
  • describe a dataset with metadata
  • search the metadata
  • define access rights for a dataset
  • as consumer, request access to existing datasets
  • as provider, accept access requests
  • revoke access to a dataset
  • view audit log of registration and access to datasets


The following screenshot The Data Governance application provides External Datasets page inside organization administrator dashboard view. This page presents in a tabular view all the datasets of others to which the connected organization administrator has access. As shown in the figure, filters and search button are available. Moreover, the connected organization administrator can select a specific dataset by left-clicking on it in order to view details or to make further actions.

The Data Governance application provides Permissions page (for a selected internal dataset) inside organization administrator dashboard view. This page presents in a tabular view all the users who have access to the selected dataset that belongs to the connected organization administrator. The connected organization administrator can revoke access as well in this page.

Getting Started

Initial steps to deploy and configure the VGM blockchain solution.

How to use

User guide for the Data Governance application

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OpenAPI specification to interact programmatically

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Basic Data Governance Terminology