Data Access Manager (DAM)

Access and import data sources into the DataPorts Platform

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The data access component is a web-based tool to manage and run agents that integrate data into the DataPorts platform. The component is divided into two sub-components:

  • Agents: Set of scripts used to import data from different data sources and send the data to the upper layers of the DataPorts platform depending on the agent morphology: to Semantic Interoperability layer when using publish/subscribe agents or to the Data Abstraction and Virtualization Component when using on-demand agents.

  • Data Access Manager: services that manage the different agents available on the platform. The Data Access Manager comprises two elements:

    • REST API. Interacts directly with the agents deployed into the DataPorts platform.
    • UI. Displays to the end-user the results of the actions executed over the agents through the API.


The data access component has the following features:

  • Distributes data to the upper layers:
    • Semantic Interoperability for publish-subscribe agents.
    • Data Abstraction and Virtualization for on-demand agents.
  • Offers a SDK to facilitate the creation of agents.
  • Validates that the data sent to Semantic Interoperability Component (ORION) are in the correct format.
  • Provides a UI for creating and managing instances of data import agents available in the platform.
  • Provides a REST API to interact with agents and its access to the different data sources.


Initial steps to deploy and configure the Data Access Components

How to use it

User manual for most of the use case scenarios

Source Code

Source code repositories

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