Verified Gross Mass Usecase

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The blockchain solution for Verified Gross Mass usecase for the Port of Valencia provides a lifecycle management application for VGM certificates and supporting resources. The goal in this usecase was to build a solution that facilitates compliance with ports’ regulations on container weighing. It provides the solutions’ users an effective way to share the vehicles , companies and containers information within the port’s ecosystem, and for containers to arrive at the port with the verified gross weight, reducing last minute incidents or delays at container terminals,the appearance of congestion situations and allowing the port to be more competitive.


  • The solution is based on blockchain technology, providing verifiable,transparent and immutable ledger of shared data throughout the entire chain of VGM process to all concerned business participants serving as a single source of truth and supporting non-repudiation
  • A user-friendly user interface named conPESO provides different ecosystem partners in the VGM process an easy way to manage the lifecycle of all related VGM resources - vehicles, companies and VGM certificates
  • Blockchain client wrapped inside the front-end application allows integration with the blockchain-based backend.
  • Blockhain network consists of all VGM ecosystem partners allowing shared data transparency and controlled secure access to the relevant applicative resources.
  • Chaincode (smart contracts) business logic allows role-based high grained access control to all verified users

Demo | Screenshots

The following screenshots demonstrate some of the capabilities of the ConPESO application, which is a web-based user interface frontend application for the VGM solution

The conPESO provides user registration,update and viewing capabilities, assigning particular VGM roles to particular users

When the users are registered and assigned roles, particular roles can create additional resources in the system, such as companies, vehicles and VGM requests

All the resources’ lifecycle in the system (registration, update and deletion) are subject to verification of user credentials (using identity management provided by blockchain technology), and user access rules (which are based on user roles and user company affiliation)

Getting Started

Initial steps to deploy and configure the VGM blockchain solution.

How to use the VGM solution

User guide to understand how to use the VGM application

Developer Guide

How to extend VGM usecase implementation


OpenAPI specification to interact programmatically

Source Code

Binaries & Images

Links to binaries and docker images for download

Other docs

Additional documents

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