User interface reference

User manual for the DAM’s web user interface

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The default installation of the DAM as described in installation will serve a user interface accessible at https://localhost:8080/. Notice that the web browser will warn about a certificate error: that is normal, as we are running a development instance and we did not configure a domain yet.

The DAM front end is composed of three main sections:

  • Agents: this section shows the available agents in the system and allows managing the lifecycle of publish/subscribe ones.
  • Orion: this section implements integration with the Semantic Interoperability component. It shows the available data models in the Dataports instance and allows the management of data subscriptions for live datasets created by publish/subscribe agents.
  • Agent notifications: a section used to display messages sent by running agents. Normally they show success operations like an import job from an on-demand agent, or errors when registries cannot be imported.

Agent notifications

Description of the type of notifications triggered by agents

Agents available

User manual for the DAM’s web user interface

Semantic interoperability

Integration with the semantic interoperability components

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