Security Guidelines

Security guidelines an procedures to enable a trusted environment

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The security guidelines define the activities that must be carried out to secure the DataPorts environment, ensuring that the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data and services are not threatened. The objective is to define a reliable context that fits all information management methods, procedures and standards in the DataPorts environment. In order to do so, relevant and suitable security measures are identified, defined and proposed to address the relevant threats identified that may impact the DataPorts platform and environment, potentially compromising the security dimensions of data and functions. These guidelines cover the identification, prevention and protection against threats, as well as the continuous improvement of the security level by defining periodic activities like risk assessments, periodic audits and vulnerability management processes.


  • Identification of main risks, following the methodology proposed.
  • Addressing all the risk detected by defining suitable security measures.
  • Implementing the necessary security measures and software.
  • Ensuring that necessary security measures are implemented by auditing the platform.

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