Getting Started

Initial steps to deploy and configure the software

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The Semantic Interoperability component is deployed using Docker and Docker Compose. If your machine does not have a running instance of Docker, you must install Docker in first place and then install Docker Compose.

A running instance of the Data Access Component is also needed to obtain data and metadata from the connected data sources. The connection of data sources to the platform is explained in the Data Access Component user guide.

Installation & Deployment

To deploy the component, clone this repository file and use the following command:

docker-compose up -d

Orion Context Broker will be available at http://localhost:1026/

The On Demand component will be available at http://localhost:4568/ and the Swagger description of this component will be available at http://localhost:4568/swagger/

Further instructions are available in the How to use it section.

Last modified April 28, 2023: Updated links and linked demo. (eb7031f)