Getting Started

Initial steps to deploy and configure the VGM blockchain solution.

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The GBN solution is running on VPF and ThPA cloud environments. However, in case it is desired to install the solution on the user machine, the following instructions should be followed. The solution in based on Hyperledger Fabric technology, therefore knowledge of Fabric concepts, technological stack and some experience with configuration and deployment of a Fabric network is required.



Since the GBN solution is built using Hyperledger Fabric technology, and is built on top of a Fabric blockchain network, we recommend checking out Fabric prerequisites documentation to download and install all required packages and tools.

  • Docker - v1.12 -> v1.19
  • Docker Compose - v1.8 or higher

Download recommended docker version Docker Desktop Community from - . (New docker version might throw errors during deployment as being incompatable with the provided Fabric containers).


Hyperledger Fabric network components can be run as docker containers and configured and deployed using docker-compose. The documentation for installation of fabric docker components can be found here

Download all of the requisite Hyperledger Fabric binaries and docker images as demonstrated below with curl command, and tag the images with the ‘latest’ tag. Optionally, specify a version for fabric, fabric-ca and thirdparty images. If versions are not specified, the latest available versions will be downloaded.

On the Network repository there is a install script that will execute the installation of the network and the deployment of the minimum components required. Download and execute.



The test are on the Chain code copy that the install script will be cloned. Only execute the test scritps:

# Go to test chaincode dir
cd ~/gbn/gbn-datagobernance-chaincode/cc_DataGovernance
# install artifacts on cli container
# Execute the tests


The production version of frontend component has been uploaded. So, in order to run it:

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Enter the project folder
  3. Run command http-server dist/


Component Management:

Chaincode development:

Network development:

Blockchain client development:

Frontend development: