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User manual for the DAM’s web user interface

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This section allows managing agents deployed on the current Dataports instance. The section contains two main subsections

Agent images

The tab shows a list of all the agent images available in the Dataports instance.

The list contains the name of the image, the agent topology (on-demand or publish/subscribe), the image version and some actions to delete the image or create a new agent instance (only available for publish/subscribe. For on-demand, refer to API Reference)

Creating a new publish/subscribe agent instance

Agents with the publish/subscribe topology have an action Create agent available. When this action button is clicked, a wizard is opened. For example:

The wizard will automatically show a text area for each of the environment properties declared in the agent’s dockerfile, and that can be scanned through the command docker image inspect --format='{{.Config.Env}}' <image_name:tag>

When the agent is created, it will appear as an instance in the agent instances tab.

Creating agent templates

If you want to develop your own agent, you can download a template using the wizard. You just need to follow some steps to get developing.

First of all, you need to select a data source since this will be where the data will be retrieved.

Once a data source is selected you’ll need to chose an agent type. The subscription type will send data to an orion context broker (the url of which you’ll have to specify later) and the on-demand type will send data to an instance of Fiware Cygnus, where it will be collected by the Data Abstraction and Virtualization component.

Now you need to choose the desired data model:

Finally, the only thing left to do is to configure some properties depending on the type of agent and data source that you selected. You can also select the data model properties that you want to use.

The only thing left to do is to press the download button to download a zip with all the content you need to get developing.

A demo vide is available in the Official Course

Agent instances

This tab shows a list of running agent instances.

The actions available are:

  • inspect: this button will show the agent’s container runtime properties. It is equivalent to running the docker inspect <<container_name>> command.
  • View log: this action allows downloading a text file with the agent’s log traces since a specific date.
  • Start: starts the execution of a stopped agent.
  • Stop: stops the execution or a running agent.
  • Delete: deletes a stopped agent instance.
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