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What’s Dataports?

The DataPorts Platform aim is to connect to the different digital infrastructures currently existing in digital seaports, to create a trusted and reliable data sharing ecosystem. To leverage on the data collected the platform provides advanced Data Analytics Services. The Dataports Platform also follows the ideas and recommendations from the Industrial Data Space Reference Arquitecture Model, a virtual environment, leveraging existing standards and technologies, as well as governance models well-accepted in the data economy, to facilitate secure and standardized data exchange and data linkage in a trusted ecosystem

Our Building Blocks

The next figure summarizes the main technical components developed during the project:

  1. Data Access Agents: Provide mechanisms to import data into the platform from legacy sources such as databases, TOS, PCS, and similar IT systems
  2. Semantic Interoperability API: Provides an API to retrieve data according to the Dataports data model. The semantics of the aforementioned model follows a standard ontology 3.Data Abstraction & Virtualization: This component enables the processing of data in terms of quality, such as dealing with missing values.
  3. Blockchain Network 4 Data Sharing: Blockchain networks based on Hyperledger Fabric are used in the context of several use cases to enable trustful and verifiable data sharing.
  4. Data Governance Services: These services are based on a blockchain network to grant specific access to the available datasets. It also records the data-sharing transactions.
  5. Automatic Models Training Engine: This component generates cognitive services for supporting specific Port business processes. To implement these services, a collection of state-of-the-art Machine Learning models are automatically trained to find the best predictive model possible.
  6. Process-Based Analytics: This approach considers a business process in the context of ports and introduces Analytical practices to help in the decision process.
  7. Security guidelines: To ensure that Dataports is a trustful platform, we include a set of tools and recommendations to enable such security.
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